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I was a couple of revisions behind on WordPress, so now I am running WP2.1 and have an Atom 1.0 feed. Note the teal and black colors here, kids, Bill and I were listening to our Sharks do a well-deserved smackdown on the Edmonton Oilers up in Alberta while we were making the changes.

Bankers frak small women-owned yarn company over

The Yarn Harlot has a righteous rant about how Blue Moon Fiber Arts had to deal with a dipshit bank that doesn’t understand that dedicated, nay obsessed, sock knitters are willing to fork out a fair bit of discretionary income for periodic shipments of awesome sock yarn that isn’t yet available to the general public. Also, here’s a link to JanuaryOne’s blog entry (go to the 1/11/07 entry) about the snafu.

Here’s the description of the Sock Club from the Blue Moon website. You get patterns and other goodies as part of the club, and this also covers shipping for six shipments.

Heck, perhaps some of those banking idiots up in Oregon ought to come down to my LYS, Purlescence Yarns, on the day when my favorite fiber pushers get their Blue Moon shipment to witness the feeding frenzy that ensues. Come to think of it, they could do some minimal googling to learn more without even leaving their desks, and this is actually the second full year for the club.

And yes, here’s some full disclosure about how I am a BMFA fangrrl. I’m currently working on a pair of Socks that Rock in the Carbon Dating colorway. Once you get a pair of socks done in this yarn, you understand why there’s such enthusiasm for it. My feet love my first pair (done in the Highway 30 colorway).

This is a small women’s owned business who is doing a good job of delighting its customer base as well as growing sensibly (they’re being careful in choosing retailers and not growing faster than they can support). Here’s hoping they find a new commercial banker who does the needed research and can be supportive. The knitblogging community is rallying around Blue Moon; the company is letting all their customers know as much as they can (I’m sure there are legal actions pending).

Verdict on tonight’s headline…

JRR Tolkien said it best:

“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends.”

—Gandalf to Frodo, The Fellowship of the Ring

Unfortunately, I don’t see any of the very wise making decisions in either Washington DC, London, or Baghdad.

Reading Riverbend’s latest post places this all in horrifying context.

Remembering Carl Sagan

Today is the Carl Sagan blogathon.

I wanted to add my own short appreciation of his work; Cosmos was one of the first hardback books I bought myself that wasn’t a textbook; The Dragons of Eden was another early addition to my library.

My first scientific love as a child was astronomy; I moved on to chemistry when I got fascinated by what the stars and planets were made of. Reading Sagan’s work helped me recapture that early love and fascination. I’m sure his writing was pivotal in having many people decide to pursue science.

May his memory remain unwithered. Ex astris, scientia.

This gladdens my geeky knitter’s heart

Kimberly Chapman designed a knitted DNA double helix model.

Edited to fix the link 8/27/06 2240 PST, thanks Katherine!

Hm, not *everything* has to be knit…

Despite her nom du blog, the closest the Yarn Harlot gets to NC-17 stuff is when she comes across some wonderfully soft yarn that she just wants to wallow in and rub all over herself. I can’t blame her for that, I’ve gone all nuts over a big stash of Malabrigo, or baby alpaca, or qiviut. Most obsessed knitters have done that at least once a week.’s sex blogger Violet Blue has remedied the situation with her column, “Knitting for Adults Only.”

Remember Montréal

Geneviève Bergeron (b. 1968), civil engineering student.
Hélène Colgan (b. 1966), mechanical engineering student.
Nathalie Croteau (b. 1966), mechanical engineering student.
Barbara Daigneault (b. 1967) mechanical engineering student.
Anne-Marie Edward (b. 1968), chemical engineering student.
Maud Haviernick (b. 1960), materials engineering student.
Maryse Laganière (b. 1964), budget clerk in the École Polytechnique’s finance department.
Maryse Leclair (b. 1966), materials engineering student.
Anne-Marie Lemay (b. 1967), mechanical engineering student.
Sonia Pelletier (b. 1961), mechanical engineering student.
Michèle Richard (b. 1968), materials engineering student.
Annie St-Arneault (b. 1966), mechanical engineering student.
Annie Turcotte (b. 1969), materials engineering student.
Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz (b. 1958), nursing student.

May these women never be forgotten while the struggle to combat violence against women continues.

When cats and yarn collide

Found on

Cat wriggling into yarn stash

Miss Snickers, the Queen of Frelling Everything, better not try this at home.

Oh. My. Goddess.

Found on AustenBlog:

There’s a proposal out for a manga adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

Check a sample out.

I want this with an absolutely unholy passion. September 2007 cannot come quickly enough.

Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked “female”.

Found through Body Impolitic:

The title of this post comes from one of the sanest additions to the recent feminism/fashionista debate. If I could pound one life lesson into my dear nieces’ heads, this would certainly be one of the top candidates.

I like fashion, makeup, and perfume, but if it doesn’t make me happy, I’m going to do without it and not beat myself up about it. I stopped reading a lot of fashion magazines a while ago because there was nothing there for me, and the few magazines that tried to reach out to larger sized women (Mode, Grace) died out. Right now, BPAL perfume oils bring me a lot of fun. And the knitting bug lets me play with color and texture and different fibers. I may very well decide like Grace to let my gray hairs show after hiding them for almost two decades as part of the Croning process if it stops being fun.

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