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Ada Lovelace Day 2010

Happy Ada Lovelace Day to all the women out there toiling in the technology sector and the sciences!
Today, I want to write about the second woman to have a element of the periodic table named after her, Lise Meitner.  She could arguably be the first woman in her own right to do so, I don’t [...]

Remembering Carl Sagan

Today is the Carl Sagan blogathon.
I wanted to add my own short appreciation of his work; Cosmos was one of the first hardback books I bought myself that wasn’t a textbook; The Dragons of Eden was another early addition to my library.

My first scientific love as a child was astronomy; I moved on to chemistry [...]

This gladdens my geeky knitter’s heart

Kimberly Chapman designed a knitted DNA double helix model.
Edited to fix the link 8/27/06 2240 PST, thanks Katherine!