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There are saints among us.

I said goodbye to one last night. ┬áNo, she didn’t get the official designation from the Vatican, but Sister John Marie Samaha of the Sisters of the Holy Family was the closest thing I’ve seen to one to date. And, if there’s any such thing as a Catholic version of a bodhisattva, she’d probably fit [...]

Crumbling infrastructure

First the exploding steam pipe in New York City, now a problem with electrical power in San Francisco that caused a transformer to explode under Mission Street. This latest power outage has taken out many websites, including LiveJournal.
Our urban infrastructure is crumbling around us, and nobody wants to pay for it. I’m also [...]

Some students at my alma mater need a clue by four upside the head ASAP

Recently, some Santa Clara University students thought it would be fun to have a “South of the Border” themed party. Things rapidly devolved and controversy ensued. I was disgusted to read the story in the San Jose Mercury News a couple of days ago.
Fortunately, it seems like some Santa Clarans aren’t afraid to [...]