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Some things should not come out of a Muppet’s mouth, ok?

There’s a little video of Martin Scorsese sound bites dubbed into the Sesame Street gang’s mouths up on YouTube called “Sesame Streets”, and even though it was funny, I did need to revisit the classic Steve Wonder performance of “Superstition” on Sesame Street back in ‘73 to get the video’s bits with Bert and Ernie [...]

followup on set your laser cannon to *smite*

Well, took down the offensive slide show. Thanks to Amanda at Pandagon, she managed to get the text captured.

Set the laser cannon to *smite*!

One of my lj comrades (judith_s) pointed me to a truly rage-honing slide show on about why marrying a career woman is not a good idea.
Basically, it’s another rehash of all the main patriarchal talking points about why half the human race shouldn’t be working outside the home, but kept working within the home [...]