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Ada Lovelace Day 2010

Happy Ada Lovelace Day to all the women out there toiling in the technology sector and the sciences!
Today, I want to write about the second woman to have a element of the periodic table named after her, Lise Meitner.  She could arguably be the first woman in her own right to do so, I don’t [...]

Ursula, you widened my life, and I thank you for it.

Today is Ursula Kroeber LeGuin’s eightieth birthday, and also the fortieth anniversary of the publication of Left Hand of Darkness.
I came across the Earthsea books at least thirty-five years ago (the actual date is rusty) at my local library and was never quite the same after that. Besides Left Hand and the Earthsea books, the [...]

January 20, 2009 (we made it!)

Here’s my parting gift to Messrs. Bush and Cheney (size 9 New Balance 810). Don’t go planning any overseas travel, you might get diverted to den Haag.

Why I must say no to Sarah Palin

I just sent this to Women Against Sarah Palin:
If it was imperative for McCain to choose a woman as his running mate, there are certainly many more qualified Republican women available.  I knew enough already about Palin’s record in Alaska when the announcement was made to know that she is a extremely bad choice for [...]

Guest post on Body Impolitic

I was asked to write a guest post on Body Impolitic regarding the troll attacks at WisCon 32.

New feminist sf/fantasy community open

There’s a new livejournal community called femsfaward open to discuss works of sf/fantasy written by women. Go forth and blog.

There are saints among us.

I said goodbye to one last night.  No, she didn’t get the official designation from the Vatican, but Sister John Marie Samaha of the Sisters of the Holy Family was the closest thing I’ve seen to one to date. And, if there’s any such thing as a Catholic version of a bodhisattva, she’d probably fit [...]

Crumbling infrastructure

First the exploding steam pipe in New York City, now a problem with electrical power in San Francisco that caused a transformer to explode under Mission Street. This latest power outage has taken out many websites, including LiveJournal.
Our urban infrastructure is crumbling around us, and nobody wants to pay for it. I’m also [...]


Melissa over at Shakesville posted an entry yesterday about a Brazilian yogurt ad that featured three larger women in sexy poses from movies (one was the famous Marilyn Monroe pose) but communicated the message that these women will never meet men’s preferences unless they eat that yogurt and get rid of that weight. Yes, [...]

Call for submissions

Naamen of Words From The Center, Words From The Edge will be hosting the 13th Feminist SF Carnival on her his new blog and is looking for submissions. Go forth and give her him plenty of stuff to post about!