Bankers frak small women-owned yarn company over

The Yarn Harlot has a righteous rant about how Blue Moon Fiber Arts had to deal with a dipshit bank that doesn’t understand that dedicated, nay obsessed, sock knitters are willing to fork out a fair bit of discretionary income for periodic shipments of awesome sock yarn that isn’t yet available to the general public. Also, here’s a link to JanuaryOne’s blog entry (go to the 1/11/07 entry) about the snafu.

Here’s the description of the Sock Club from the Blue Moon website. You get patterns and other goodies as part of the club, and this also covers shipping for six shipments.

Heck, perhaps some of those banking idiots up in Oregon ought to come down to my LYS, Purlescence Yarns, on the day when my favorite fiber pushers get their Blue Moon shipment to witness the feeding frenzy that ensues. Come to think of it, they could do some minimal googling to learn more without even leaving their desks, and this is actually the second full year for the club.

And yes, here’s some full disclosure about how I am a BMFA fangrrl. I’m currently working on a pair of Socks that Rock in the Carbon Dating colorway. Once you get a pair of socks done in this yarn, you understand why there’s such enthusiasm for it. My feet love my first pair (done in the Highway 30 colorway).

This is a small women’s owned business who is doing a good job of delighting its customer base as well as growing sensibly (they’re being careful in choosing retailers and not growing faster than they can support). Here’s hoping they find a new commercial banker who does the needed research and can be supportive. The knitblogging community is rallying around Blue Moon; the company is letting all their customers know as much as they can (I’m sure there are legal actions pending).

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