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New feminist sf/fantasy community open

There’s a new livejournal community called femsfaward open to discuss works of sf/fantasy written by women. Go forth and blog.

Call for submissions

Naamen of Words From The Center, Words From The Edge will be hosting the 13th Feminist SF Carnival on her his new blog and is looking for submissions. Go forth and give her him plenty of stuff to post about!

The latest fannish hoo-ha

Just my US$0.02:
I figure anybody who tapes bacon to his cat as a work avoidance tactic and lives to blog about it has fannish nature. Let the Nippon2007 voters decide about the latest manifestation of fanwriting.

A feminist sf/fantasy reader/fan’s dilemma

I was going through the WisCon 31 programming site a few weeks ago, and didn’t find any panels that made me jump up and down and yell, I *must* be on that panel! I found panels I’d like to attend, but none that called out to me. This is not a slam at [...]

Still a little wiped out from Blogher’06

I needed to do the housework that doesn’t happen during the work week, and I am still a bit wiped from the events of the last couple of days, so I wasn’t able to make it up to chez Badger today for the next round of WoolfCamp.
I was able to learn a lot of stuff, [...]